About My Art & Background

I grew up in Fort Yukon, AK  (Gwichyaa Zhee) and then in middle school we moved to Fairbanks, Ak. I’m an enrolled member of the Gwichyaa Gwich’in tribe.

I can use almost anything as inspiration but most of my art comes from my experiences and the questions I have had within those experiences. I am inspired by my family, my culture, my loss, my brokenness, and my heritage. I never buy my materials such as fur and quills. I have collected many of them myself and others I have been gifted from family members or people in the community.

I use a mix of acrylic paint, acrylic mixing mediums, animal fur (moose, porcupine, etc.), porcupine quills, sinew, paper, and other sewing materials. They are placed on with many layers of paint and mixing mediums. Since I almost always use something other than just paint in my work, my pieces are considered mixed media paintings.

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No, not typically. I just don’t have the time. However, I’m open to consulting with you to help you find the right piece. If you are looking for a piece in a similar vein to something I’ve made before or a specific size or color scheme, I can give you the first choice before a show or before posting new work for sale. It would be best if you sign up for email notifications of upcoming sales/shows to stay informed on new available art.

Purchasing & Shipping

All orders are completed securely through Paypal directly through the Fine Art Shop.

I know times are difficult and people aren’t always able to pay upfront for a piece of original art. I do offer a payment plan in order to make the process of owning original native Alaskan art attainable for anyone.

Customers who would like a payment plan rather than paying for the piece upfront will pay a 50% deposit for me to hold the piece. Customers then have 6 months to pay off the remaining balance. Once the balance is paid in full the artwork will be shipped. If the balance is not paid within six months—25% of the deposit will be refunded.

7 days after the final payment your custom art will be packaged and shipped to you. At that point, it will depend on how far the item is being shipped and will differ based on the postal service chosen for shipment.

I am happy to ship anywhere in the world. However, international shipping and packaging costs, in their entirety, are the responsibility of the customer. It also must be noted that overseas shipments (outside the US) may be subject to import duties and taxes according to the laws of the destination country. Any additional charges are at the customer’s expense as I can accept no responsibility for additional charges.

I do my best to trim the sharpest points off of the porcupine quills and cover them in paint and other mediums for preservation and the owner’s safety. However, the pieces still require some care when handling. My pieces do have a texture to them and will eventually, like all paintings, get a bit dusty. The best way to manage cleaning is to take a damp cloth and lightly dust the surface. If there are quills, be sure to move your cloth from the bottom to the top (black point) of the quill. 

My pieces are sometimes created with hair hanging from them which may eventually break or fall off. I consider this a part of the life of the work. If you sustain considerable damage to your piece, please contact me and I will offer some suggestions on how you might care for your piece. In some limited instances, I may be able to make repairs. Shipping and repair costs, however, are the owner’s responsibility.